• B L U E S K Y



    It all starts somewhere.

    Blue sky thinking, no limits, no rules,

    gives me a work "area" that produces outstanding creative resolutions.

    Combinations of thoughts, sights and things encountered.


    This area of the site is where I'll show you what I'm thinking about.

    Things that might be undertaken. Ideas that might never see the light of day.

    That's the beauty of blue sky thinking.


    No limits, no rules.


    Oh Come On

    A naked Valkyrie. Eat asphalt Ducati.

    REVA Tablewear

    Very pretty minimalist shapes. Great handle evolution squat to tall.

    Autistic Kids's Toys

    Bold shapes, bright colors and motion. All appealing to these special kids. A RIGHT HEMISPHERE DESIGN concept.


    Concept where each increment of time has a bracket. Lead to the 3 Piece Clock designs. A RIGHT HEMISPHERE DESIGN concept.